Analysis and Measurement

Water Analysis

Analysis and measurements which are needed to be done according to Environmental Law and Regulations, are the most important and the determinant steps of the environmental management process. Frame of Kyoto Protocol and law of harmonization code of the European Union made environmental issues more important, these issues are directly connected with measurements for preventing pollutions. Emission discharging points and other all environmental elements, which are found inconvenient according to measurement results, will be guaranteed by the prevention facilities which will provide the regulations limit values. If emissions’ measurement results ensure the limit values, company’s permission or license process will be resulted positively, if an environmental permission exists, its continuity will be provided.

Besides all the legal obligations, in our R&D laboratories process improvement studies are done constantly. Processes special to businesses and optimum labor hours are created like, new technology production and applications continuous.

Raw water analysis has crucial importance for projecting a water treatment plant and defining its efficiency. Doing these analyses and reporting them to clients are done by our engineer team. Also these reports shed light on solutions of possible problems which can be occurred during operation of a treatment plant. All the analysis has been done by our company.

Wastewater Analysis

Wastewater analysis includes the analysis which are made for treatment plant design, determination of treatability and effluent quality measurement. According to Regulation of Water Pollution Control and Analysis Methods Rescript, treatment plant effluents should be analyzed periodically and should be declared to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Most of the wastewater parameters are being done in our laboratories.

Emission Measurement

We are doing the measurements which are needed to be done periodically according to regulations of Industry Based Air Pollution Control and Heating Based Air Pollution Control for getting the environmental permission and license process.

Noise Measurement

We are doing to obligatory measurements, In scope of getting Environmental Permission and License;

• Doing the Environmental Noise Measurements

• Giving service for acoustic noise measurements and modelling

HSE Measurement

Measurements that are controlled by Ministry of Labor and Social Security

• Enlightening
• Thermal Comfort
• Indoor noise
• Indoor emission measurements
• Individual exposure measurements (dust, noise, vibration)
• Flammable, inflammable and explosive gas measurements