Our environmental management service, beyond the legal obligations, work in cooperation with all the stakeholders for providing productivity, sustainable environment and sustainable economic conditions to the companies. We believe that efficient and productive environmental management can be done only if we work in that principle.

For improving our environmental management service continuously, we get Environmental Consultancy Service Compliance Certificate from Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Service Compliance Certificate from TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System, ISO 18001:2007 Labor Safety Management Certificates and Green Office certificate from WWF (World Wildlife Fund). We are glad to apply our qualified way of working and working conditions to our stakeholders.


Artemis that serves in a wide range of environmental issues, can provide employees for the customers who gets environmental management service from us. According to companies need, we can provide, Environmental Engineer, wastewater treatment plant operator, waste management system supervisor and waste storage area supervisor. We can provide different service models depending on the customers’ needs, like operating and improving all the environmental processes with personnel who are experienced on both field and regulations. By doing that we are providing cost advantage service.


We are providing Environmental Consultancy service for the Companies which are listed in Environmental Permission and License Regulation Appendix – 1 and Appendix – 2. Our service is not limited with regulations and scope of the service can be enlarged, and if it is asked, an Environmental Engineer (Environmental Attendant) can be provided for the customer as an employee.

We can also provide, Environmental Impact Assessment Comment, getting the Out of the Environmental Permission Scope/Exemption Report, doing the Integrated Environment Information System Records, services to the companies.

Waste Management Service

Setting up waste management system in company, we can give service about operating, waste collection units and waste storage areas. If needed, scope of the work can be enlarged, and we can contribute to these works with our trained personnel and operators.

Chemical Management

Beside the scope of our environmental consultancy service, we can also give service about, checking all the chemicals legality to environmental regulations, checking the MSDS and chemical labels regularity, doing the necessary chemical declarations to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization which are using for production.

Other Statement/Declaration Services

We can give some services which are in scope of Environmental Consultancy service, separately. These services are; “Waste Declaration, Package Declaration, Filling the Soil Pollution Pre-Informing Form, Preparing the Waste Management Plan, BEKRA (Seveso) Declaration, Chemical Record System Declaration”

Getting Environmental Management Certificates

We can take your ISO 14001:2015 certificate out from your archive and apply it your business for controlling, enhancing your way of working and spread it to your all employees and shareholders.

We can give support about, Green Star, Zero Discharges of Chemicals (ZHDC), SEDEX, BRC inspections’ and certifications’ of Environment Parts.

Calculating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We can give service about defining, calculating the Greenhouse Emissions and take them under control and reducing them. This service will also make easier the adaptation process of ISO 14064-1:2007.