Well operation of the treatment plants, doing their maintenances periodically and effectively has crucial importance. That’s why in most of the conditions, right approach for the treatment plant operation needed to be done by experienced operators. Because of this need, Artemis Arıtım undertakes the operation as whole or the necessary part of it.

Using the right and failsafe spare parts, taking necessary precautions for preventing possible malfunctions, and doing the periodic controls regularly has vital importance for healthy treatment plant operation. Our technical service department’s educated and experienced staff besides doing the periodic controls, they can respond the sudden malfunctions and in necessary circumstances they can make the revision and renewal of treatment plants.

Producing necessary solutions for environmental problems is one of our profession. If you covey your environmental problems to us, we will prepare the solutions with alternatives in the fastest way. Thus, we are aiming preventing the possible environmental pollutions, solving your all environmental problems and protecting the environment.

One of the most important stages of getting a Business License is having the Discharging Permission License. According to WWTP Project Approval Regulation (AAT Proje Onay Yönetmeliği), if a treatment plant locates in border of a Metropolitan Municipality, Project approval and Discharging Permission process have done by the respective department of the Metropolitan Municipality and discharging permission license (DKKR/DİB) is given by these departments. For getting this permission license (DKKR/DİB), firstly proper treatment plant needed to be designed and operated healthfully. Lots of the treatment plants couldn’t meet the needs, because of bad operation. At this point getting healthy consultancy and care service which will solve both mechanical and official problems, is being the key aspect of getting a Discharge Permission. During this consultancy process, our experienced engineering and technical staff, ensure smooth operation of the treatment plant and formal processes.

Technical Service

Our experienced engineers and technicians giving preventive maintenance and consultancy services for making treatment plants work smoothly. Most of the treatment plants cannot respond the needs, because of lack of operations. At this point, taking consultancy service for both technical and official subjects, is the key factor for getting the Discharging Permission. In scope of this work, our experienced engineer and technic personnel ensures both treatment plant operation and all legal processes.


Quality of the equipment that used in treatment plants, affects the operation and efficiency of the plants significantly.

Considering that, our company checks every single one of the equipment during routine inspections. If one of them doesn’t work properly, that can affect other equipment or all the treatment plant.

Frequently used treatment equipment are listed below;
• Blowers and mechanical aeration equipment
• Coarse and Find Screens
• Centrifuged and submersible pumps
• Dosing pumps
• Aerated and high-pressure pumps
• Control and measurement equipment
• Mechanical mixers, floating and submerged mixers,
• Settling tank scrappers
• Oil and Grease Scrappers
• Filter press and filter press’ pumps
• Membrane, MBR units
• Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration (UF), sand and carbon filtration products
• Ion exchangers, softeners
• Advance treatment units


Spare parts are the invisible heroes of treatment plants. If any single one of it has a problem, it will affect treatment efficiency negatively. Providing the correct and well-chosen consumables at the right time, has vital importance for efficient operation of treatment plants. Providing and installation of all spare parts and consumables of a treatment plant are being by ourselves.

Primary consumables and spare parts of a treatment plant are listed below;

pH meter, Redox meter, pH probe, Redox probe, filter press cloth, filter press plate, cartridge filter, diffuser, valves, check-valves, diaphragm etc.