Treatment Chemicals

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Chemicals that are used in treatment plants, affects the efficiency of treatment process directly, deciding the right chemical and using it with proper conditions has crucial important. Our company decides the right chemicals with optimum dosage for treatment process, by doing necessary laboratory works. Chemicals are supposed to be reliable and certified for guaranteeing the treatment process. That’s why, beside laboratory works, our company also provides treatment chemicals.

Chemicals that are used for wastewater treatment are summarized below;

Caustic: According to pH range, it is used for neutralization or coagulation
Lime: It is usually used for neutralization and coagulation. It is used as aqueous solution.
PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride): AIt has high absorption capacity and highly soluble in water body. Used as coagulant .
Ferric Three Chloride: Acidic coagulant chemical.
Aluminum Sulfate: Acidic coagulant chemical and provides chemical treatment with high efficiency.
Barium Chloride: Used for Sulfate removal. During usage, its amount needed to be arranged carefully, otherwise affects the treatment negatively.
Sodium Meta Bisulfide: Affects the RH/Redox level. It is used for hexavalent chromium removal.
Powdered Activated Carbon: Used for COD removal with high efficiency.
Hypochlorite: It is used for disinfection process or cyanide removal process.
Biological Treatment System Conditioner: It is used as bacteria supporter for biological treatment process, for increasing the treatment efficiency.


Chemicals that are used for water treatment are summarized below;

Tablet Salt: Used for regeneration of water softeners.
Antiscale: Prevents blockage of Reverse Osmosis Membranes.
Chloride: Used for disinfection.