Waste Receiving Facility

What is Waste Receiving Facility?

Seaports has to construct waste receiving facilities which will collect the vessel’s waste (sludge, bilge, waste oil, garbage domestic wastewater and shipload’s wastes.). All the vessel’s wastes which are produced during shipment operations and listed under MARPOL 73/78 Appendix – I, Appendix – IV and Appendix – V including sewage are vessel’s waste. Seaports have to collect these wastes from the vessels which are moor to port or collect from the vessels which are collect these wastes in the sea from vessels. Harbors are obliged to construct necessary Waste Receiving Facility with adequate capacity and technical equipment depending on the size of the harbor, annual vessel kind, number, vessel size and average vessel endurance. General obligations of installation and operation of waste receiving facility are listed below;

- Ports design waste receiving facility according to Marpol 73/78, and declare the project report to Ministry of Environmental and Urbanization, for approval.
- After approval of project report, installation of the waste receiving facility will be started and after that facility will be inspected by Ministry of Environmental and Urbanization, if facility approved by the Ministry, Waste Receiving Facility approval certificate will be issued.
- All the garbage which will be collected in the facility and wastes which will be produced during operation of the facility, will be disposed as described in Environmental Regulations or send them to final disposal plants which are licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
- Waste Receiving Facilities also accept wastes from the Waste Receiving Vessels if they have a agreement with them.
- During waste receiving process, facility operator makes the necessary connections with the Ministry and declares the required forms/documents to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
- Waste Receiving Facility declares Waste Management Plan to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in every three years.


Project Design and Project Approval Process
We are designing the Waste Receiving Facility according to harbors condition and necessity of Marpol 73/78. We submit the project papers of the facility to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for approval. Also, we are giving service for installation of the approved facility and getting final approval of the facility.

Facility Installation

We are giving service for installation of the facility on harbor reach, providing all required machines, doing the necessary tests of all equipment and starting up the facility.

Operation Of the Facility

According to Regulation of Receiving Wastes from Vessels and Management of Wastes, Waste Receiving Facilities can be installed by harbors as individually or mutually and facilities can be operated by the third-party companies.

According to this article, we are giving service for undertaking all the management process of the facility, operation of the facility, providing personnel and meet the all legal necessities.

Wastes need to be collected from vessels, separated according to its kind, classified and stored in proper tanks. Received liquid wastes need to be dewatered according to Ministry regulations.

Separator which will be used for waste dewatering, needs expertise for right and effective usage. Domestic wastewater which is collected from vessels and industrial wastewater which will be produced during dewatering process, needed to be treated in compliance with Water Pollution Control Regulation standards and discharge to receiving environment. Artemis Arıtım is leading the sector with experienced team for years.